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Since the release of Summerset, the game itself provides library management capabilities and it is no longer recommended to embed LibStub into your addon.

Instead it should simply be specified as a dependency and accessed via the new LibAddonMenu2 global variable and users should install and update it separately. If you don't care about which version of LAM is used, you can simply add it to your addon manifest like this:. Optionally you can also require a specific minimum version of LAM, in case you rely on some features that are not available in earlier versions:. In your code you can then access the library via the global variable "LibAddonMenu2" and start creating your settings panel and controls:.

First, you will need to create a table for your panel data and another table for your options data. These two tables may be contained in another table, however the two tables must be separate from each other when passed to LAM2.

At the top of panel.

eso libstub addon menu

Feel free to store more data in your table that you will require for your addon. Then register your addon with LAM2 along with this table. Like at the top of panel. Again, additional data may be stored in the table if required, and may be found in the data table on the control object.

Below, you will find an example creating a checkbox, dropdown and slider control. The control data tables are stored in the main options data table in index-value pairs. The index is numerical, and is the order in which your controls will be created and arranged.

You can find examples for each control type, including how to nest controls within a submenu and its data table, in exampleoptions. Register your options to your addon panel using the same unique reference you assigned it in the previous function call to LAM2. General Home Differences between v1. Skip to content. Getting started with LAM2 Jump to bottom. Pages You signed in with another tab or window.

Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.Go to Page Addon Info. Comments Add Favorite. Compatibility: Craglorn 1. LibAddonMenu 1. Disclaimers If you use this, please check to make sure any addon menu bugs are not with the interface before submitting to Seerah. If in doubt, submit the bug here firstand I can help verify. This is for addon authors only. It does not convert the settings menu from 1. I do not make any claim to own the LAM code.

I have obtained permission to upload an interface, but the original rights for code and API are reserved by Seerah. Overview This enables authors with simple usage of LibAddonMenu This does not convert your code, just provides a simple adapter to keep using your LAM Requirements Not all addons that use LAM In particular, if you do any of the following, you will just have to keep using 1.

As well, LAM2 provides better customization for advanced usage.

eso libstub addon menu

Usage Warning: With 1. This library by default has a rather long name and can easily exceed that if nested deeply. Remove the LibAddonMenu Download this addon and add the interface file to your addon. Make sure to include an entry in the manifest. Change the following one line where you declare LAM for usage from Code:. I have a feeling this will resolve the issues I'm currently experiencing with GuildTools after Update 5. I'll try this later tonight to see if it works. Yeah, Garkin and I actually looked at that awhile back.

See this thread for where we got and code. Looking back, the abrupt ending to it was probably because of 1. You're welcome to use that code if you want something potentially a bit more robust. This one is more awesome than you admit, Sasky I've just put your interface in a separate fake addon, changed it so that it pretends to be LibAddonMenu Originally Posted by QuadroTony. Minion wont display this addon in "Find More" by search or in category Originally Posted by zgrssd. As I understand it, it takes your existing LAM 1.

It then hands the automagically crafted table to LAM 2. So you don't have to rewrite more then lines of your addon while still having the new LAM 2. I was actually hoping for something like this to be part of the LAM 2.Go to Page Addon Info. Change Log Other Files 23 Comments Add Favorite. Compatibility: Harrowstorm 5. Info This library is not intended as stand-alone. It is for addon developersbecause it requires additional changes in the addon source anyway.

Description This library is written to overcome one way to get the "Access a private function XYZ from insecure code". But beginning with version 2. Beginning with version 3. Functions, which have no problem with been called from "insecure" controls, are still working perfectly. Prior to ESO 2. A crash of "Use" in the inventory afterwards was guaranteed.

Starting with ESO 2. See here. But this just reduces the chance of running into that problem, it does not fix it. Currently the number of preallocated controls is Running into this problem with AddMenuItem is real rare, but inventory action slots still don't like custom menu entries. To avoid the error message, the controls of built-in menu items and add-on menu items must be strictly separated. That's what AddCustomMenuItem of this library does. It uses an own pool of controls, which look exactly the same.

Sounds strange, but works.

ESO Addons Guide 2020

I don't use private functions. Why should I use this lib? It's not you, who uses private functions. It is built-in code, which re-uses controls indirectly created by your add-on in AddMenuItem. I want to use this lib, so what to do? After you have included the lib in your add-on manifest.Go to Page Addon Info.

Change Log Other Files 28 Comments Add Favorite. Compatibility: Dragonhold 5. LibAddonMenu is a library which offers many functions for add-on authors to simplify creating a configuration panel in the game's settings menu. Users: If the game cannot load some addon because it is missing LibAddonMenu In case it shows as "out of date" in the game, simply enable the "allow out of date addons" checkbox.

With the ongoing effort to get rid of LibStub in favour of the library management capabilities provided by the game itself since Summerset was released, it is no longer recommended to embed LAM, or use LibStub to access it. Instead it should simply be specified as a dependency and accessed via the new LibAddonMenu2 global variable. Instead of providing it as part of another add-on, users should install and update it separately.

Downloading Libs Files

Lua Code:. For aesthetic reasons this should only be used in custom panels and not in the addon menu - clampInput boolean : true by default and if set to false it allows the input values of the slider to exceed the min and max value - for other internal code changes take a look at the git history 2. Both pass the panel as their sole argument 27 - 'default' can now be a function in addition to a static value 23 - all labels name, tooltip, warning, etc.

See the description page for docs on usage 1. Description titles will no longer hide from you. Archived Files File Name. Originally Posted by sirinsidiator. Looks like something is wrong with your installation of AwesomeGuildStore. The first error shows that you have LibAddonMenu loaded from within it, but that has been unbundled a long time ago. The second error is a bug in AGS.

It tried to print a message to chat telling you that a library is not up to date. Try to delete the whole AwesomeGuildStore folder and install it freshly and make sure you have the latest version of all the dependencies listed in its description installed. I figured out how to make it comfortable and not take up so much space.

Errors are arranged from top to bottom in the order they occur. Originally Posted by WDKeeper. Some errorreport here After today ESO update, three addons dont want working no longer. All of it uses LibAddonMenu I updated the addons, and updated the libraries, manually, as usual. All three add-ons report bugs in the LibAddonMenu library.

Other errors are similar, only another line is indicated in the LibAddonMenu. I think, maybe the update of the LibAddonMenu is need. Support me on Patreon! Originally Posted by Ek1. If the game ends without logout or exit screen, every add-on using this library forgets all its settings instead of using the settings that existed pre-crash.

Originally Posted by Sordrak. Originally Posted by Anceane.Go to Page Addon Info. Change Log Other Files 7 Comments Add Favorite. Compatibility: Harrowstorm 5. LibStub was replaced by features in the game and won't be updated anymore! If you are using an addon which still relies on LibStub, either ask the author to remove it or you just need to live with it.

Lua Code:. Archived Files 7. File Name. Originally Posted by ViTosS1. I'm receiving LibStub Deprecated warning everytime I log in the game, I checked the trace and the error is coming from LibGroupSocket this comes with RaidNotifier and I can't update it for some reason it doesn't even show in addon list when RaidNotifier is disabled and the other error is coming from AiM Synergy Tracker, the only way to stop this warning and fix it is by disabling these both 2 addons?

eso libstub addon menu

Can I still use them with the warning showing? What would be the problem of it? Support me on Patreon! Originally Posted by wambo. Any addon that could be recommended for looking at the differences between "LibStub" old version and newer "LibStub-free" version? Thanks for the answer That still uses - at least the version I have - LibStub I will remove that line, replace it with the global code - as mentioned on the mainpage here - and then I will delete the LibStub folder from it and see what will happen Best regards De-chan Originally Posted by sirinsidiator.

Originally Posted by desertforce. I've got a question Best regards De-chan. Originally Posted by Edorenel. I'm uncertain the workings of add-ons and libraries. So, forgive me for my noob question.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Skip to content. Permalink Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Branch: master.

Find file Copy path. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. Raw Blame History. For more information on how to proceed search for LibAddonMenu on esoui. GetStringFromValue control.

Do you want to reload now or discard the changes? Sei sicuro di voler ricaricare ora o di voler annullare le modifiche? Souhaitez-vous recharger l'interface maintenant ou annuler les modifications? Quieres aplicar los cambios y recargar la interfaz? GetStringFromValue instead util. This might break the AddOn Settings menu.

Getting started with LAM2

You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. ShowDefaultsDialog lam. GetStringFromValue instead. PrintLater " Skipped creation of missing entry in the settings menu of ". PrintLater message. PopulateAddonList lam. PrintLater msg.Account Merchandise en en-GB de fr. Leave a Reply. I have many addons that have stopped working because it says that they need Library files. Q1: Should I start to download all the library files that my addons use?

Q2: Will the authors start to remove the library files from there addons? If it helps to support the game and ZOS, I support it! Say YES to crown crates. August What I meant by removing them from their addons, was packaging them with their downloads. I for myself deciced to remove the libraries from my addons time after time as they are libraries and not meant to be bundled within the addons. They can be installed as standalone libraries, just like adodns themselves are.

This way it's easier for Minion to update the libraries too. And you are easy able to check which version of the library you are using. There is an addon called "Votans Addon List" which will put all libraries seperated to the addon manage's bottom list.

This way you can easily check which libraries got loaded ingame. If you hover the icon at the right column of the adodn you'll see the libraries needed stated as DependsOn in the addons. So the tooltip there might show ",LibAddonMenu There is another great addon from Votan called "Votans Settings Menu" which will show you the libraries loaded currently with their version ingame in the addon's settings menu which is a library LibAddonMenu The additional benefit for me is that I do not need to update my addon's version just to include an updated library.

This took sooooo much time in the past as libraries are updated often. Even if my adodn was not changed in any way I had to update it so the newest library was shipped with it.

Now you can easily update the libraries with Minion and the addons do not need a repackage, new changelog, new libs included, new zip file, new description text, new upload, etc This will save so much time and i'll be able to concentrate on the addon features and fixes even more.

So this is a win-win situation for you and me. Known problems are: -If you donot install the libraries as standalone library, including their own library's. So be sure to download them as standalone library, like a whole addon. They are missing the needed Library LibStub or don't provide a.

The content is a folder called e.

Otherwise the path will be wrong. Complaining will not solve this. This way you'll be able to fix small addon problems or library issues yourself in the future too. If you got questions feel free to ask. Edited by Baertram on September 10, AM.

September I downloaded lib files, all works now. Sign In or Register to comment.

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